Install, Uninstall and Upgrade


Before proceeding, make sure you have the following items installed:

  • Python version 3.6 or greater
  • A python package manager, such as pip


To install Wonderwords, use your favorite PyPI package manager, such as pip to install the package wonderwords:

$ pip install wonderwords

Once installed, verify that it was correctly installed by going to a python console and typing:

>>> import wonderwords

If you get a ModuleNotFoundError, python cannot find Wonderwords. If you have trouble with installation, create a new issue at the Wonderwords GitHub page.

The command line interface can be accessed with the wonderwords command. Verify the command line interface by typing:

$ wonderwords -v

You should get an output similar to the following:

Running wonderwords version 2.0.0a1


To upgrade Wonderwords to the latest stable version, use:

$ pip install --upgrade wonderwords


To uninstall with pip, use:

$ pip uninstall wonderwords